AGI Congress Paris

17 – 22.09.2017

Nikki Gonnissen



Nikki Gonnissen is co-founder and director of thonik (established in 1993). thonik is the Amsterdam based collective of designers with a speciality in visual communication, graphic identity, interaction- and motion design. thonik offers their clients a visual voice that sets apart and differentiates: providing pole position. thonik has its roots firmly planted in society, willing to actively engage in the dialogue of what is right and what is fair. We seek to change the world. One design at a time.

thonik is thoroughly familiar with the power of design and its capacity to transform, to unify, to communicate, to celebrate, to bring joy and provoke thought. Our work embraces those traits.

Aside from her work at Thonik, Nikki is International President at Alliance Graphique Internationale, guest lecturer and design tutor. 

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